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Stackable Batteries from Infineum

Extreme Electric Bike showing one Stackable Battery


Patented Stackable Battery System - Each battery weighs 1.82Kg and is situated inside the rear rack carrier and can be securely locked in place.

Multiple batteries can be added and are secured into position with their own locking system ensuring they stay securely in place until the base gives 25 - 33 miles of pedal assisted travel, and with the stackable system, each journey could be potentially limitless.



Infineum Extreme Electric Bike with one Stackable Battery




Lithium Polymer Technology - The patented Infineum Stackable Battery is compact, yet the Lithium Polymer technology provides greater power density than other battery chemistry.

Unlike Lithium Ion, Lithium Polymer poses no risk of fire or explosion. It is not only lighter, but provides five times the powerof traitional Lead Acid batteries of equivalent weight. This means that carrying sparebatteries does not pose a weight issue.

Charging the Battery - Charging the batterycan be done with either multiple units stacked or as a single unit on the bike. The batteries may also be unlocked and removed for ease and then charged when off the bike. The battery and charger have indicator lights to let the rider know when it has been fully charged.

3 Stackable Batteries

3 Infineum Extreme Electric Bike Stackable Batteries