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Infineum Brand of Electric Bikes

The INFINEUM RANGE OF ELECTRIC BIKES - A breakthrough for green commuter transport.

Extreme Electric Bike from InfineumInfineum is the brand name for the high-end range of electric bicycles continuously evolving in order to bring the latest technology to the market.

New Technology - Thanks to new technology the traditional limitations of weight and relatively limited distances of electric bikes could soon be a thing of the past.

Infineum Extreme - The first Infineum model to be launched was the Infineum Extreme. Truly innovative, the British designed Infineum Extreme represents a major progression in power assisted cycling. The Infineum Extreme electric bike achieves greater distances, as aresult of the unique Infineum LPX stackable battery system.

Stackable Battery - Infineum's LPX battery is lightweight, and uses a high density lithium polymer technology with the ideal characteristics for an electric bike. The lightweight stackable battery is simply slotted into the dedicated Infineum rear rack and, if required, further batteries can be stacked neatly on top, locking into each other to discharge in Parrallel.

Power Assisted Cycling - A single battery has the potential to deliver around 25 - 33 miles of power assisted cycling; each battery added to the stack increases the range by an additional 23 - 33 miles.

Ladies and Gentlemens Electric Bikes - The launch model, the Infineum Extreme is a male-style framed bike. There will be more models added to the Infineum range including a ladies' style frame and folding models.

Warranty - The Infineum Extreme Electric Bike comes with a 2 year Warranty, which covers the frame, batteries and electrics.



The Extreme Electric Bike
Extreme Electric Bike from Infineum
Extreme Electric Bike from Infineum

The Continental Electric Bike
Continental Electric Bike
Continental Electric Bike from Infineum

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